An old logo from when we were located in Seattle.

About Us:

We pride ourselves on producing products that are effective, consistent and environmentally friendly. All of our products are made to exact standards. We specialize in low volume private label runs, and we also have our own house brand of high quality cleaners, degreasers and floor finishes. In addition to our own brand, we carry a wide variety of complementary products. We also import Road Roller Mats for the paving industry and Cocoa Mats for commercial and residential use as well as for the fishing industry. Click here to learn about our 100 year history.

About our name

The name Verax stems from the Latin veritas, which means truth and honesty, and all who represent Verax believe in upholding the company's name. Verax Chemical Company offers you competitive prices, reliable delivery service and unfailing courtesy, in addition to quality products.

We use our products everyday. Here are some of our favorites: