Re-D Lines

Products from these manufactures are stocked in our Snohomish, WA facility to support our distributors in the Northwest and beyond.

Claire / Sprayway

Jan / San and Industrial aerosols.



Dispensers, spray bottles, triggers sprayers, and more.

Private Label bottles.


Lambskin Specialties

Polywool and Ostrich feather dusters.



Window cleaning supplies


SM Arnold

Auto Detail supplies and equipment – brushes, clay bars, push brooms, wash mitts, etc.

Impact Products

Dispensers, reusable gloves, bottles, trigger sprayers, urinal mats, and much more.


Golden Star

Wet mops, floor mops, and brooms.

Private Label available.

Quest Specialty

Specialty chemicals and aerosols serving the industrial and food service markets.

Private Label available.

Bar Keepers Friend (SerVaas Laboratories)

Unique powdered cleansers with oxalic acid.

Main St. Shield

Disposable Gloves – Nitrile, Vinyl, Latex

Private Label available.